Sunday, 16 June 2013

Half Marathon

I ran my first half marathon today, and it was great! I thought it was going to be exhausting, but it actually went great. The day was beautiful, warm but not too hot; it was windy but not extremely. The course was really nice too. It was really flat, so that made it easier. Most of it ran through trees, so it was nice and shady. There were also a few parks, which were really nice to run through. There were some interesting people who were fun to watch or had funny T-shirts or signs. They made the race more interesting.

I felt fine for the first half, then I started to get a bit tired, but by mile 9 I realized that I wasn't all that tired and I managed to pick up my pace a bit. My time was better than I ever could have hoped for! My goal was 2h 15min, but I managed to run it in almost exactly 2 hours!

Running through that giant arch at the end of such a long race was such a great feeling.

Some tips I have for someone wanting to try running a half marathon:

  • sleep well the night before and the night before that
  • bring an iPod or MP3 player (make sure it's charged!)
  • wear comfortable shoes
  • don't drink too much the morning of the race
  • rest a few days before the race
  • train hard!

Anyone can run a half, it just takes some determination, time, and dedication! And you get a T-shirt and a medal just for finishing! Plus you get bragging rights and a sense of accomplishment, as well as free food.

Now I just need to run a marathon! 

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