Monday, 10 June 2013

A Bike Ride

It's always nice to take a bike ride on a beautiful day.
June is a beautiful time. The sun is shining, green is everywhere. 
This is one of my favourite places to ride in the summer. It can be hard to find nice little pockets of nature like this in the middle of the city. Especially since Bunn's Creek is flooded this time of year.
It's flooded here too, but not on the path.
Roots are beautiful. Trees and leaves are beautiful. I love the outdoors! But not in winter.
Winter looks like this:
Winter is not beautiful. Nothing grows in winter. Now compare the above picture to summer:
Seriously, which would you prefer? And look at all those dandelions, growing little heads of fuzzy sunshine for us! It's not their fault they love to spread their sunniness, which can ruin crops. They just love brightening the world!
Without weeds, there would be a lot of empty dirt. Weeds are much more beautiful than empty dirt!
See? They're already starting to beautify this patch of dirt. Unfortunately, to get to these beautiful natural areas, it's sometimes necessary to go through some very unnatural places. 
But it's so worth it!

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