Wednesday, 15 May 2013

SFG Grid

So I finally got around to making the grid for my square foot garden. Now it's actually a square foot garden, and this won't roll around like the bean poles I was using last year were! I must have bought at least 50, probably closer to 100 bean poles last year (not just for the grid, I also had lots of actual beans, not to mention giant peas.)
The reason this is laying on the ground and not in my raised bed is
because I still have to add  compost to the soil
 So I'm not much of a handyman. As you can see, it's a really poorly done, crooked job. However, in my defense, the wood was really low quality and I nailed it together on the concrete part of my backyard, which is really uneven. The grass is really uneven too, put it probably would have been a little easier.

 Some of it turned out okay:
 And other parts... well, yeah:

 Not that it really matters. I'm not doing this for aesthetics, so as long as the grid divides my garden into 50 somewhat-square squares, I'm happy. Now I just have to plant things in these squares. This weekend, I can't wait!

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