Friday, 8 March 2013

First Post

Well, I doubt that this is going to be read by anyone, but I thought I should write a "first post" post anyway.

As it is March and the snow outside is three feet high, there won't be a whole lot of gardening posts for a while. 
 I live in Winnipeg, where the winter lasts from November to April. Not great for gardening, but I try my best despite the climate.
 Luckily, it is starting to get warm enough to run outside. I'd like to try running a half-marathon in June, so it would be best to start training for that. (Not that I have any idea how to train for a half marathon, but it can't involve much more than running, right? I'll have to ask my track coach about that.)  As for recipes, I'm currently making a pot of turkey stock, so expect a soup recipe in the near future. 
I'm also going to be cooking some liver soon. Hopefully it turns out, because so far I have not had any success with cooking liver. That's all I have for now, until my second post.

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